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Beauty Hairstyles

The 15 Best New Hair-Styling Tools and Products of 2020

Great hair-styling tools and products can be transformative—they can take your tresses from eh to exceptional, and take your day from so-so to so amazing. The key is choosing hair-styling tools and products that enhance your hair’s texture and type (curly, straight, fine, or natural), not just grabbing whatever you can from the beauty aisle …

Beauty Hairstyles

6 Best Detangling Brushes That Will Remove Tangles Fast

When you have fragile hair or curly hair, a good detangling brush is something everyone should have. Having a detangling brush can help prevent hair breakage to fragile hair and it can also be less painful when brushing knots in your hair. It also reduces frizz when brushing curly hair. Investing in good quality brushes …