30 Acrylic Nail Designs to Fascinate Your Admirers

6. Plastered Pink
Calling all pink lovers, you’re certain to seize consideration with placing beauties like these. Drip a little bit of pink and purple on the white nails to make it appear like they’ve been paint splashed.


7. Dazzling Violet Drops
That is an almost-French manicure. The distinction is the form of the “lanula”. As a substitute of making a crescent, a tear-drop form outlined with silver creates a placing enchantment.


8. Naturally Lengthy & Lovely
No intense designs wanted to flaunt these properly manicured nails. Generally much less is extra.


9. Treasure Island
We’re in love with these glamorous nails, with teal and blue sparkles that shimmer within the gentle. They really stand out when painted atop black.


10. Blue Glitz
This blue theme appears to even be impressed by the water aspect, with flowing designs and gems that appear like rain drops. Don’t overlook that one nail stuffed with sparkles, like mist on the air.

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