25 Innocently Sexy Pink Nail Designs

Red is power; white is purity. What happens when you combine the two? You get an innocent shade of color known as pink, with the simultaneous power of sex appeal. Style Interest has put together 70 photos of innocently sexy pink nail designs to show you the potential such a color has in the fashion world, particularly on your fingertips. Many women find that pink is a cliché color for nails – but once you’ve taken a look at these designs, you’ll fall in love with the color all over again.


1. Silver Traces
Powder pink with silver lining the edges. Sparkles are a sure-fire way to increase the majestic appeal of any set of nails. Glamor it up and sparkle!

HTML Image as link Qries
HTML Image as link Qries

2. Barbie World
Yes, these definitely remind me of my old Barbie dolls when I was a child. The color is a hot pink, meant to be sexy and innocent simultaneously. How crazy that this shade ended up on Barbie.


3. Magic Shimmer
These sparkles are bronze/gold and add a lovely shimmer to an otherwise dull pink. But the shape of the nails are perfect, and the big blue glitter pieces really create a distinct look.

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