30 of the Best Looking Black Braided Hairstyles for 2021

6. Excessive Cornrows

These cornrows are very tight to the top, and it seems as if it’s a shave. The highest of the hair is left free for a complementary type.

6black-braid-hairstyles 250816

7. Rope Braids

It is a nice instance of the rope braid. Her hair could be very lengthy, so the look fits it correctly. The braids are styled in a rope-like trend and left down.

7black-braid-hairstyles 250816
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8. French Braid

It is a partial french braid for the aspect of the top. She has pulled each side into pigtails for a glance that could be very informal.

8black-braid-hairstyles 250816

9. Skinny Rope Braids

These skinny rope braids give a very completely different look then the earlier type due to the thinness of the braid. She has left the type down and off to the aspect.

braid hairstyles for black women 2014 ponytail updo
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10. Artistic Artwork

These cornrows seem like a murals. They’re formed across the head to present a method that may very well be worn to a flowery occasion.

10black-braid-hairstyles 250816
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