Avengers Endgame: Is the Universe Safer Now that Iron Man is Dead?

According to one theory, Doctor Strange saw multiple Avengers victories over Thanos in Endgame, but he sacrificed Iron Man for the survival of the universe.

If more than a year after the release of Avengers: Endgame , fans are still wondering if Robert Downey Jr. could reprise his role as Iron Man in the MCU, the answer is still the same: it’s no. Tony Stark sacrificed himself to wipe out Thanos and save the planet, and while it saddens us a lot, his loss could be the entire universe’s only chance for survival according to a new theory. Based on Screen Rant’s thinking, Doctor Strange could have been lying when he told the Avengers that they had a one in 14,000,605 chance of beating the Mad Titan. The hypothesis maintains that the Sorcerer Supreme would have seen several other situations in the future in which the villain would be defeated, only the one where Iron Man sacrificed himself would be the only one that would make the future sustainable . The reason ? With Stark Industries, Tony Stark has already done too much damage: with each new innovation, bad guys were created, it was time to stop it.

Avengers Endgame: Is the Universe Safer Now that Iron Man is Dead?

Iron Man – Credit (s): Marvel Studios 2019

It is true that throughout his journey in the MCU, we have seen his technology fall into the hands of villains many times. Whether it is Obadiah Stane and Ivan Vanko, Aldrich Killian, Mysterio or Adrian Toomes, all have hijacked his inventions to do evil around them. Maybe Doctor Strange was willing to sacrifice his friend to prevent this pattern from repeating itself over and over again . As he said before, the Time Stone is his priority. To prevent Thanos from taking it over, he would therefore have no qualms about letting Tony Stark die. Ultimately, it comes down to thinking that the universe is safer without Iron Man, even if it has allowed (among other things) the evolution of many superheroes thanks to his research! While we might get the answer in Phase 4 of the MCU, find out in the meantime why Captain Marvel had short hair in Avengers: Endgame.

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