5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

With the development of technology, as many devices as possible are entering our lives, designed to ease the daily worries of a person. However, sometimes the imagination of the developers is so great that their brainchildren are too creative to be true. Here are 5 gadgets that are hard to believe in existence.


Pocket Sticker Printer

5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

It would seem that the era of the Polaroid has long come to naught, but that was not the case. Only now the developers do not stop at creating portable devices for instant printing of photos. Now, thanks to Asian engineers, social media fans have the ability to print stickers.

One of the latest examples of this type of device is thermal printers, which can connect to a smartphone and print any images from its memory in black and white. Moreover, the application built into the gadget contains many ready-made templates, even for business cards. It can also print receipts, labels and stickers.


Rotating TV

5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

TV itself is not strange. But its modification, recently presented by Samsung, still managed to make some confusion in my thoughts. Because it will take a long time to understand why the display on the rotating stand was created.

But the authors of this creation have an answer to the question about its functionality. Sero TV, they reported, allows the owner to stream vertical videos from Instagram and TikTok, for example, from their smartphones to the largest screen in the house. That is why Samsung is positioning the gadget as one that keeps pace with the times and meets the global information and technological trends.


Mixer for cosmetics

5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

We must not forget about the development of technologies in the cosmetic industry. For example, cosmetics stores everywhere are acquiring smart mirrors for virtual “fitting” of various products. However, few people can imagine that very soon a gadget will appear that will allow you to prepare decorative and care cosmetics at home.

Such a curious gadget called Perso was developed by the specialists of the cosmetic giant L’Oreal. The mixer is controlled by a dedicated smartphone app and is capable of mixing lipsticks in different shades as well as skincare cosmetics.


Lucid dreaming mask

5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

We face dreams every night. However, we do not always see in them something pleasant or just what we want. However, not so long ago, scientists were able to solve this problem by developing a special sleep mask that will allow you to control your own imagination at night.

The mask called Remee, according to the developers, will help a person control their dreams and manage their content. The mechanism of its work is as follows: with the onset of the deep sleep phase, the mask sends a signal to the built-in LEDs, and then the brain will let you know that you are sleeping. Dreams will become more realistic, they can be controlled and remembered everything they see. The only thing the manufacturer warns about is that the ability to manage dreams will not have to be done right away, but requires training.


Balls for collecting rainwater

5 weirdest and most unusual gadgets (PHOTOS)

It would seem that today’s technologies allow us not to worry about the volume and quality of water, which is so necessary for every person, we can get it as much as we need. However, there are still places on the planet where the lack of quality water is very acute. At such moments, scientists remember about rain, only now the process of collecting drops from the sky has become high-tech.

A device called the Water Catcher is a ball that floats in the rain and collects drops. After that, the gadgets return and drain the collected water into a special tray. In them, the liquid is purified, saturated with the necessary mineral additives. After processing, the already clean, ready-to-use water returns back to the ball.

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