Wonder Woman 1984: the Warner rocks a release date in the cinema and on HBO Max


After weeks of waiting, the verdict has finally fallen for DC’s 1984 Wonder Woman who chose to limit breakage without abandoning theaters.

Even though Robert Zemeckis’ Sacred Witches has finally landed on HBO Max in the United States and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has been postponed to 2021, Warner will continue to replenish the 2020 poster, unlike Disney which has clearly lent allegiance to its streaming platform. With Tenet not living up to expectations, his box office being decent, but too tight to monetize his 200 million budget (excluding marketing costs), it seemed almost obvious that Wonder Woman 1984 was not going to go for it. for a theatrical release only.

As there was also no question of releasing it exclusively on HBO Max, which the director Patty Jenkins supported, we therefore suspected that in the event of non-postponement (which would have forced Warner to move the other DC films), a hybrid solution between projection on the big screen and streaming would be found . We were just missing the details that have finally been unveiled by the firm.

Cinema vs streaming

The DC blockbuster has therefore not given up the almost heroic status of “the last blockbuster of the year in theaters” and maintained a national release in theaters still open on December 25, coupled with a simultaneous arrival on HBO Max ( in the United States, therefore). As the boss of Warner Bros. Ann Sarnoff:

“In these unprecedented times, we need to be inventive to move our business forward while continuing to best serve our fans. […] We realize that many viewers cannot return to the cinema because of pandemic, which is why we also want to give them the opportunity to see Wonder Woman 1984 on our HBO Max platform ”.

The Amazon will be available on the streaming platform for a month, without asking subscribers additional fees, unlike Mulan on Disney + who attempted a Premium VOD release (in the United States). The strategy is a little closer to that of Pixar’s Soul , which will also land for Christmas, in SVoD.

Gal Gadot comes to the rescue

While the WarnerMedia platform does not yet compete with its competitors, the sequel to Wonder Woman could therefore boost subscriptions before the surely prophetic arrival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. In the press release that announced the news, Warner has also specified that a theatrical release on international markets will begin as of December 16.

On Twitter, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot responded to the news, encouraging viewers to make the trip to theaters, while praising the security protocols put in place in theaters.

Until December, our Wonder Woman review is still available on this side.

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