Phil Spencer says he’s open to launching GamePass on Switch and Playstation

The Big Boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was able to give his opinion on the arrival of GamePass on other platforms (besides Windows and the Xbox One / Series X). And he’s pretty positive!

If there’s one thing Microsoft has achieved in the gaming world over the past 10 years, it’s GamePass. The subscription-free subscription offer has been very successful thanks to very good deals and access to very good games . This is also one of the main selling points for the future Xbox Series X, scheduled to arrive in our living rooms in just a few weeks. But there you have it, what if the GamePass was not only exclusive to Microsoft hardware (Windows and Xbox)? What if we could have access to GamePass on PS5 or Nintendo Switch? In any case, Phil Spencer, the Big Boss of Xbox, is not against the idea …

Phil Spencer says he's open to launching GamePass on Switch and Playstation

An overview of the next games available on the GamePass

“I think for us it’s all about prioritizing, and reaching more players is part of that. […] I love the Switch, I love PlayStation and honestly, I think they did a job. unbelievable in this industry. I’m not sure a partnership is possible, but we are open to discussion, “ Phil Spencer said in an interview for Game Reactor. To be clear, if Microsoft seems open to the idea, chances are Nintendo or Sony may not be so excited . After all, Playstation already has its subscription service, the PS Plus, which is getting a makeover for the arrival of the PS5. As for Nintendo, this is the most complete unknown: we have been able to discover a small rapprochement between Microsoft and the Japanese firm in recent years, in particular with the arrival of games like Cuphead or Ori on the Switch, but it does not. never went much further .

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