Narcissistic and degrading Kanye West? Her ex Amber Rose denounces his unhealthy behavior towards her

Narcissistic and degrading Kanye West? Her ex Amber Rose denounces his unhealthy behavior towards her

Unexpectedly, Amber Rose denounced the unhealthy behavior of her ex Kanye West, which she describes as narcissistic and degrading.

While startling revelations claim that Kanye West is ready to have an open marriage with Kim Kardashian to avoid divorce, this isn’t the first time the American rapper has found himself in a conflicted relationship. Remember, before joining the KUWTK star, the ‘The Good Life’ singer had a high profile story from 2008 to 2010 with model and former stripper Amber Rose. Unfortunately, this romance did not end well and Kanye West was not tender following their breakup since he had confided to having taken 30 showers after dating the young woman. Ten years later, it seems that the resentment is still present and for good reason, the rapper would have called Amber a prostitute during a recent rally for his presidential campaign, an attack to which she responded while denouncing his unhealthy behavior.

Invited to the microphone of No Jumper , Amber Rose confided to have been the victim of harassment on behalf of Kanye West who recently shocked the Web by making an inappropriate gesture: “He persecuted me for 10 years. I think that if you watch every time he bullied me a lot of things will come out but i moved on i am happy i have a wonderful husband i have two beautiful kids he just called me a prostitute 10 years later … Leave me alone. I’m not talking about you. Obviously he comes back in interviews because he explains a lot of why I’m famous . The 37 year old young woman also said what she had on the heart when the host mentioned the slut-shaming of the rapper of which she is the victim: “This is what narcissists do (…) I do not not know if he says these things to make his wife more comfortable but to ridicule me that way and say you need 30 showers? That’s not my type of person. I like earth people- down to earth and compassionate. I’m not resentful. I’ve been offered book offers to talk about him but I don’t want to make money with stuff like that . Years after their separation, Amber Rose wants to finish with the chapter Kanye West and it could not be more understandable.

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