Mindhunter: David Fincher explains how he wants to end the Netflix series


In full promotion for the highly anticipated Mank, David Fincher returned to Mindhunter, and how he wanted to end the Netflix series.

While his new film, Mank , is eagerly awaited by moviegoers as its author’s ultimate cinema lesson, David Fincher is not about to stop in his successful collaboration with Netflix . After House of Cards , Mindhunter , or Love, Death & Robots , David Fincher recently announced that he had signed a contract for four more years with the N rouge platform, during which he will be able to carry out feature-film and series projects. , including Mank , but also a series on “cancel culture”.

And as for the Mindhunter series, with which the filmmaker has already given us two excellent seasons, Fincher has recently been much more pessimistic about a potential season 3.

When you’re waiting for a third season …

Indeed, David Fincher spoke on the issue , to Variety, during the promotion of Mank , where he confided his doubts:

“I don’t know if it makes sense to continue. It was a really expensive series. His audience was very passionate, but we never got the numbers to justify the cost. “

As Fincher says, the series is one of the best proposals of the red N platform, but brings together more a niche audience, familiar with Fincher’s cinema, than a large audience as the Stranger Things or La cartons can do. Casa de papel . Add to this that season 2 was a true production nightmare, where Fincher had to move to Pittsburgh in order to oversee this season, launched the scripts for the eight episodes, as well as the “series bible” to expand his universe out of the small screen, and inevitably Fincher made a small overdose.

The BTK Strangler, a killer who is really cold in the back … but we all want to see

However, even though the series is on hiatus, the director already had very clear plans in mind for the sequel and the end:

“At some point I would love to come back. The hope was to go all the way to the late 90s, early 2000s, where we hope the characters knock on the door of Dennis Rader’s house. “

Hoping that an indefinite break, so that he can recharge his batteries on other more personal projects like Mank , can rekindle his desire to return to Mindhunter . Thus, the series should therefore end with the capture of Dennis Rader aka BTK Strangler, a serial killer teased in the first two seasons in the guise of actor Sonny Valicenti. It would be, in fact, a coherent way to end the series which auscultated the behavior of this serial killer through small pastilles which were really cold in the back.

As a reminder, the highly anticipated Mank by David Fincher, with Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, or Charles Dance, is scheduled for release on December 4, 2020 on Netflix . In the meantime, the director tells you why he’s jaded by Hollywood and its blockbusters “Happy Meal”, here.

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