Did Brad Pitt Ruin George Clooney’s Reputation? This bad joke on a shoot that hurt the actor

This bad joke by Brad Pitt on set has somewhat ruined George Clooney’s reputation. Here’s what happened.

Recently, the editorial ‘of melty offered you to discover the underside of the quarrel between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. If the actor of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood did not only make friends in the world of cinema, he is nevertheless very close to George Clooney with whom he notably shot the film Ocean’s Twelve at Lake Como in Italy . But while the shooting conditions were shaping up to be idyllic, Amal Clooney’s husband took a joke from his friend and playmate very badly and for good reason, this joke in question tarnished the reputation of George and him. was called a “star” by the Italian press.

Did Brad Pitt Ruin George Clooney's Reputation? This bad joke on a shoot that hurt the actor

Brad Pitt and George Clooney – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

In a recent interview for GQ , George Clooney then recounted what had happened: “Brad sent a memo to everyone in my town on Lake Como in Italy, I lived there for years, and he posted it on posts. The memo read ‘The movie is coming to town, and please only address George Clooney by calling him’ Mr. Clooney ‘. his character is Danny Ocean and don’t look him straight in the eye. “ Unfortunately for him, the press reacted quickly: “The newspapers were saying ‘George Clooney is Il Divo!’ (The ‘star’ in French) It was a horrible story for which I took revenge later. “ A bad joke that did not prevent him from continuing to collaborate with Brad on other projects. Elsewhere in the news, discover the disturbing first trailer of The Midnight Sky on Netflix where George Clooney fights against the apocalypse.

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