Bruce Willis hinted to his wife that he finally wants a son

32-year-old Rumer, the eldest of Bruce Willis’s daughters, told in her interview about an interesting episode from family life. She admitted that her father has long been “putting pressure on her”, demanding that she make him a grandfather, giving birth to his grandchildren. And recently Willis once again reminded her of his desire, and clarified that only the boy would personally suit him.

Bruce Willis hinted to his wife that he finally wants a son

“I really want you to give birth to a son. In my house I miss the male energy so much! ” – said Bruce. And it was not by chance that he started this conversation with his daughter in the presence of his current wife Emma Heming. Having made this statement, he looked emphatically at his wife. Bruce can be understood, because both his spouses – Emma and Demi Moore – made him happy with five daughters, but they could not give birth to at least one son. And in principle for Emma, who this year celebrated her 42nd birthday, it is not too late for her to make another attempt. But if Heming decides to fulfill Bruce’s wish, then she clearly shouldn’t delay with it, given that time flies by …

As for Rumer, she, as the actor’s daughter half-jokingly admitted, is afraid to give birth to a boy. “After all, if I have a son, I guarantee that my father will find a way to kidnap him or take him away from me in order to raise him himself!” – said the daughter of Bruce. In addition, as Rumer noted, she does not plan to have children in the foreseeable future. “After all, first I need to decide absolutely exactly from whom I want to give birth to him,” commented Miss Willis. Who exactly she is considering as a potential candidate for the role of the father of her child, Rumer did not specify. According to rumors, she is now dating actor Armie Hammer, with whom she was seen several times this fall.

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