Grey’s Anatomy: the showrunner looks back on the departure of Katherine Heigl and the crappy finale of Izzy


Ten years after her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl, the former interpreter of Izzie, continues to be talked about … in bad.

When a series manages to live for seventeen years, there is necessarily a reason, it necessarily meets the expectations of a target audience. The desire to feel this adrenaline rush thanks to the resolution of complex and realistic medical cases , to live to the rhythm of the amorous, friendly and family peregrinations of the medical staff of a hospital …

In short, everyone has their own reasons. Still, Grey’s Anatomy has entered its seventeenth season (which could be the last), and that means that it continues to please.

Small palm of honor for George O’Malley, not even recognizable for his final

However, early fans and those who still follow Shonda Rhimes’ series will certainly have no trouble admitting, she always struggled a little with the endings of characters, killing them. some to serve their departure, or by simply making them suddenly disappear.

But among the characters left without a real end, the crown probably goes for everyone to Izzie, the intern having deserted the corridors of the hospital in 2010 to the chagrin of Krista Vernoff (showrunner already on the show at the time) , as she explained to the Los Angeles Times microphone:

“Of all the series I’ve worked on, there are some stories that we would have liked to tell differently and better, but there was always a behind-the-scenes incident that prevented it. And that’s what fans don’t always understand.

No need for an ending for Blondie

We had come up with a resolution for Izzie’s story. We had planned to bring her back for one episode to finish the Izzie and Alex plot with dignity. I wrote this episode, and it was very beautiful. But the day before the set-up for the shoot, or the shoot itself, I can’t remember, we got a call telling us that Katie wasn’t coming. Just that she wouldn’t come. That she wouldn’t.

I’m not saying this to overwhelm Katie. I don’t know what was going on in his personal life then. I don’t know what drove her to make this decision. But that’s the job of a screenwriter and producer, you have to know how to adapt. So yes, I would have preferred to do things differently. “

An end not delivered in pain

To that, and at the microphone of Vanity Fair, an anonymous source and close to Katherine Heigl replied that the fault lay with the production which had never contacted the actress to bring her back, at a time when the latter was in full swing adoption procedure.

But whether she likes it or not, Krista Vernoff points directly to the actress by revealing this. And the memory of the blunders she has accumulated over the years supports a little more the capricious reputation that pursues her.

Checkmate Katherine Heigl

And apparently, the showrunner is not the only one to put the dots on the i concerning the actress. Much more vindictively, the interpreter of Doctor Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), whose thunderous departure due to homophobic remarks made against TR Knight (Doctor George O’Malley) is remembered, has apparently had two or three things to say on social media.

“This woman once said that I should ‘never again’ be allowed to speak in public. The whole world agreed with her and protested that I should lose my job. I would have liked to have Twitter in 2007 because I will NEVER stop using my freedom of speech ” .

Like what … reality is not so different from fiction on the side of Grey’s Anatomy , full of twists and attacks to follow like a soap opera.

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