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France allowed 5G communications

5G mobile tower in French Bordeaux

Under the licensing agreements, the four operators are required to pay almost 2.8 billion euros to the state budget until 2034.

In France, telecommunications operators can start providing services using the latest mobile communication technology and 5G data transmission. This was reported by Ukrinform on Wednesday, November 18.

It is indicated that such a decision was made by the French telecommunications regulator Arcep following the results of the competition for the allocation of frequencies for 5G held in October.

Four leading French companies – SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free M and Orange – have been licensed to use 5G technology in the 3.4-3.8 GHz frequency range.

Under the license agreements, operators are required to pay € 2.789 billion to the state budget by 2034. In addition, an annual fee has been introduced for access to the frequencies on which 5G operates.

At the same time, according to Le Journal du Dimanche, in order to start providing services using 5G, operators still have to solve a number of administrative and technical issues. Mobile and data technology may become available by the end of November in several major French cities, in particular: Paris, Marseille, Lily, Nantes, Montpellier, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Rouen.

In France, there is active resistance, in particular at the level of the leadership of many municipalities, regarding the introduction of 5G. Among the main arguments of the opponents of the new communication technology is the lack of knowledge about the impact on human health and negative consequences for the environment.

Earlier it was reported that a fighter with 5G communications received a prison sentence in France. The accused had previously participated in anarchist actions and was detained several times for hooliganism during the protests.


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