Eurovision 2020 draw will continue at Eurovision 2021

The 65th anniversary Eurovision Song Contest was scheduled to take place in the Netherlands in May but has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: newsmuz.com

“Since the same 41 countries will participate in the 2021 competition, which were supposed to sing in Rotterdam last May, the Eurovision reference group decided not to arrange a new draw for the semi-finals in January,” the competition communiqué says.

Eurovision 2020 draw will continue at Eurovision 2021


As previously reported by the organizers, at the moment, four possible scenarios for holding the competition in 2021 are being worked out, which include both the usual format of the musical competition and the holding of shows with disabilities, up to the organization of the performance of some participating countries in the online format. The decision on which version of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held will be made early next year.

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