“Dancing with the Stars” criticized for the departure of the ex-member of the “Bachelor”

“Dancing with the Stars” decided on the semi-finalists, but many Ukrainian viewers did not like it

“Dancing with the Stars” was criticized for leaving the quarterfinals of the football player and ex-member of the “Bachelor” Sergei Melnik. The indignation of Ukrainians on the network was caused by a joint number of Sergei, his partner Adelina Delhi and prima ballerina Ekaterina Kukhar.

The strictest judge of the project helped the couple stage a ballet, where she herself became the main character, Adeline Delhi was in the background, and Sergei, according to the audience, was simply pushed into the background. The miller, in fact, was only engaged in supporting his partners, without showing himself in any way.

The Ukrainians criticized the directors for such a number, in which Sergei was not allowed to dance at all.

Sergey Melnik, Adelina Delhi and Ekaterina Kukhar, ballet (video: YouTube / Dancing with the Stars)

In the comments, Ukrainians are outraged because of such a disastrous number for the ex-“Bachelor”.

  • “Hmm… Ugly Kuhar set up Miller. He could dance if they put him with Yama or even with Chapkis, but here … Katya was reviled. Wear it for the princess … Such. He’s cool, it’s not fair.
  • Yes, they did it. The whole role is to transfer the partners from one side of the parquet to the other.
  • What is this horror? Solo for Kuhar. I carried it in my arms. One and the other. Complete nonsense.
  • He served one, the second. Katya showed only herself. Where is Sergey’s dance?
  • Of course, I’m not strong in ballet, but a man should dance too …? Not only to wear ladies … ”- viewers express their indignation.

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