Antique helmets are on sale in Canada

Antique helmets are on sale in Canada

Protective helmets cover the head and upper torso. They are equipped with an air purification system and are powered by electricity.

In Canada, VZYR Technologies has launched a production of helmets to protect against coronavirus. It is reported by the BBC.

The helmet is called BioVYZR. The battery lasts for 12 hours. The helmet is available for pre-order for $ 379.

The inventor Ezin Al-Qaysi has been using his own invention for two months. His helmet completely covers his head and upper torso.

The rear panel houses a battery-powered fan and a filter that cleans the air in and out.

Recall that in Russian Volgograd, scientists have developed a multifunctional helmet Venets-34, which will help protect people from viruses.

It was also reported that in Italy, engineers are testing a “smart” helmet that measures the temperature of passengers at the Rome airport.

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