Why is man not the pinnacle of evolution? (A PHOTO)

There is a common and well-known expression that man is the pinnacle of evolution. However, it is not true. Moreover, this is not difficult to understand if you start to understand.


Why is man not the pinnacle of evolution? (A PHOTO)

Man is not the most adapted species As one of the signs of human perfection it is indicated that people can perfectly adapt to almost any conditions. They are able to survive anywhere, both underground, and on uninhabited islands, and at great depths. True, a person needs a lot of adaptations for this, which already casts doubt on his ability to adapt, since it depends on conditions.

However, microorganisms have seriously overtaken humans in the ability to adapt to anything. They can survive in the crater of a volcano, and in salt lakes, and in eternal ice. There are suggestions that microorganisms are able to survive even travel in space, and without any protection. And this means that in adaptation they have far bypassed us.

Impact on the environment It is generally accepted that man has a huge impact on the environment and even on the formation of the planet itself. True, it is difficult to unequivocally assess the nature of this very influence and draw conclusions about whether we can be considered the top or, rather, a parasite in relation to the Earth.


Why is man not the pinnacle of evolution? (A PHOTO)

However, even in this respect, everything is far from so unambiguous. The fact is that plants have had no less, and in some places even greater impact on the formation of the planet. Thanks to them, oil appeared, whole layers of various rocks, minerals were formed. Also, plants for the most part influenced the composition of the planet’s air. Without them, life would be impossible in the form in which it exists now.

Therefore, in this aspect, there is no unambiguity. Although it must be admitted that humans have an impressive potential to transform the environment.

Intelligence We used to think that intelligence gives us advantages. But if it leads to the fact that a person, creating new discoveries, finding new ways of using polymers, destroys the habitat, then consciousness will turn against the species. And from this point of view, trees that do not have consciousness, but do not do anything that casts doubt on the fact of their own survival, may be a more preferable development option.

Brain Size Another argument in favor of humans is their significant brain size. However, it should be noted that among the Cro-Magnons it was higher, as well as among some Neanderthals. Now, both the absolute volume of the brain and the relative are shrinking. But this does not affect the survival of the species. In addition, there are species that have larger brains.

Collectiveness Many indicate that humans have the ability to cooperate and create complex communities.


Why is man not the pinnacle of evolution? (A PHOTO)

But as thoughtful collectives, you can bring termites, ants or bees. They have clearly defined roles, there are no conflicts on this matter, and if they arise, then there are specific mechanisms for their resolution. For example, periodically females fight for the position of the queen. The strongest wins, and she takes the place of the queen. All this is aimed at the survival of the species, without a long resolution of conflicts and without drawing others into it, as is often the case with humans.

Complex behavior Perhaps the only thing that a person has definitely succeeded in and is strikingly different from the rest of the animal world is the complexity of behavior. It is really very diverse in our country, not obeying instincts, and often even logic. Moreover, in similar situations, the same person may react differently to the same stimuli. And this difference in behavior will not be related to whether he is sick or healthy.

For decades, people have considered themselves the pinnacle of evolution. However, logically, all currently existing organisms are the pinnacle of evolution, since they have adapted, survived and will continue to produce offspring.


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