The new Wonder Woman arrives in the Wonder Girl series


The CW further expands its Arrowverse with the arrival of a Wonder Girl series, around Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman of the DC universe.

While the series of the Arrowverse (now the CWverse) will return early next year, The CW continues to expand its universe a little more around the heroes and heroines of DC. After announcing a Black Lightning spin-off on the Painkiller character, the channel is also in the process of developing a Wonder Girl series.

It will be dedicated to Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman who will be introduced in the comics next January in Future State , DC’s huge event around a new generation of heroes.

Small, but strong

Under the influence of Dan Didio, DC had planned for some time to establish a new continuity by replacing its characters with new heroes, with its idea of 5G (or Generation Five, which corresponds to the fifth generation), but has immediately revised his plans after the dismissal of the co-publisher at the beginning of the year.

After wisely leaving the project in a corner, the publishing house has finally decided to turn it into a unique event, Future State , which will take place in the more or less near future. In it, the old heroes coexist with new characters, like a black Batman, a young Superman and a new Wonder Woman , who will therefore have the right to her own TV series.

Generational shock

Born from the union of an Amazon and the Brazilian god associated with the South American river, Yara Flor is a young immigrant who will discover her new powers and use them to face forces that could destroy the world, just that. . The Wonder Girl series will therefore focus on the origins of the heroine, who will not only be the first South American Wonder Woman, but also the first superheroine from Latin America to have a series devoted to her .

A character who is fully in line with The CW’s desire to be more inclusive and to highlight diversity through its characters, as with Black Lightning and Batwoman , who are respectively interested in an African-American hero and a homosexual heroine.

Yara Flor, future Wonder Woman

No further details have been released regarding her story or a possible meeting with Diana Prince, the current Wonder Woman, but given that Yara shares ties with other tribes of Amazons, it’s not impossible that she makes a detour to the island of Themyscira , whose existence was confirmed in one of the episodes of the third season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow .

Developed by Dailyn Rodriguez ( Queen of the South ), who will also be in charge of production alongside Sarah Schechter, David Madden and good ol ‘Greg Berlanti (the architect of the CWverse), the series has no release date. for now, but looks set to take Supergirl’s place, whose sixth season will be their last.

With lots of mythological creatures on the program?

At the same time, DC has announced that this new heroine will also have her own title after Future State , and the series could therefore directly draw its inspiration from the pages of the comics to follow Yara’s journey from Wonder Girl to Wonder Woman.

While waiting for her to join The CW’s Extended Universe, fans can console themselves with the new Batwoman, Black Lightning , Supergirl , The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow , but also with the first season of Superman & Lois and the second. season of Stargirl , who left DC Universe to join the CWverse (and so you can read our review of the first season here).

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