League of Nations: France v Sweden live streaming free

France v Sweden live streaming free
France v Sweden: prediction for the League of Nations match (17 November 2020)

In the final round of the League of Nations group stage on November 17, France will host the Swedes at home. Sweden can still compete to maintain registration in League A with Croatia. To do this, she needs to beat the French. However, the Swedes have been missing out a lot lately. Whether there will be many goals in this match – we will find out in the experts’ forecast.

France played a decisive match with Portugal a few days ago. The French won quite confidently with a score of 1: 0, securing their way out of the group to the playoffs. They lead with 13 points, while the Portuguese from the second place have 10 points and lose to France in personal meetings.

So Deschamps’ team can now breathe easy. She already has nothing to fight with Sweden for. Except for statistics. France had a long unbeaten streak until the recent friendly against Finland. In it, the French lost 0: 2. Another loss from a not very strong opponent is unlikely to please this team.

Most likely, the coach will release more reservists and try new schemes of the game. Previously, the French were more likely to win through the individual skill of individual players.


Sweden may still remain in League A. Now it is in last place with three points, which means relegation to League B. However, Croatia also has three points in its asset from third place. Thus, the Swedes need to beat the French and hope that Portugal will beat the Croats.

There is a certain probability of this development of events. After all, the French, as mentioned above, are little motivated now. And Ronaldo & Co, on the contrary, can enter the field angry after missing the playoffs of the League of Nations. The poor form of the Croats in recent years also plays into the hands of the Swedes.

However, Sweden needs to concentrate on playing with France to begin with. So far, there are no strong preconditions for the victory of the Swedes in this match. They often lose and score little. Sweden can only hope for the relaxation of the French in this match.

France has scored three goals in the last four matches
Sweden conceded in seven games
In their last head-to-head matches, both teams scored no more than three goals

Personal meetings
09/05/20 Sweden France 0: 1
06/09/17 Sweden France 2: 1
11.11.16 France Sweden 2: 1


In our opinion, the match is unlikely to turn out very bright. The teams are tired. In Sweden there is a motivation to play and win just to score points and to save space in the League A. Still in France are much higher grade and better players. They are unlikely to take the Swedish gate by storm. We believe that teams will play more defensively without frequent counterattacks.

Our forecast in this match is the total goals under 2.5 . In the line from bookmaker Winline, you can bet on it with the odds of 1.69.

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