Facebook and Instagram can now write disappearing messages

Facebook has introduced a new disappearing message feature – Vanish Mode, which is now available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

This is reported by “Messenger” on Twitter.

“The feature is designed for more casual conversations and allows users to set the automatic deletion of chats after the message is read or the chat is closed,” – said in the message.

It is noted that in Vanish mode, Messenger and Instagram users can send text messages, emoticons, pictures, GIFs, voice messages and stickers, which will disappear after being seen and users leave the chat.

Facebook and Instagram can now write disappearing messages

At the same time, if the interlocutor takes a screenshot, this will be reflected in the chat, and you can start a conversation in Vanish Mode only with people with whom the user has confirmed communication.

“To activate Vanish Mode, you have to swipe up on your smartphone screen while chatting. The black background of the chat indicates that the message self-destruct mode is on. To return to standard mode, you must click Exit Fade Mode at the top of the screen.

Facebook Messenger already used disappearing messages as part of the “secret chats” feature, but they are not very convenient and for each such message it was necessary to set its own timer for destruction. The disappearing messages will appear for the first time on Instagram.

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Note that the work of the social network on disappearing messages was back in March 2020. Then users discovered on Instagram testing a prototype of this version. And the other day, Instagram redesigned the main page of the application, on which the Reels tabs (short videos) and Shop (pages where you can make purchases) appeared. In October, Facebook merged chats with Instagram using Messenger.


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