Biden intends to raise the minimum wage

Biden intends to raise the minimum wage

Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

Democratic nominee Joe Biden

An increase in the minimum wage will be possible, according to Biden, during the recovery of the country’s economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is called the winner of the presidential election by the American media, said the US minimum wage would be raised to $ 15 an hour. It currently stands at $ 7.25 per hour, Biden posted on Twitter on Monday, November 16.

This will happen when the US begins to recover from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, he said.

“We will do this with higher wages, including a $ 15 minimum wage, better benefits, and stronger collective bargaining agreements that will allow you to support your family,” Biden wrote.

He noted that all this will bring back the American middle class and make it better than ever.

The minimum wage, set by the US Department of Labor, is now $ 7.25 an hour. At the same time, in Washington state, the lower bar is set at $ 13.5 per hour, in Massachusetts – $ 12.75 per hour. A number of other American states – Maine, Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon – $ 12 per hour.

Joe Biden, who previously announced himself as the newly elected president of the United States, wants to stop the Russian project Nord Stream 2.


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