Uliana Royce presented the single “Pokohala”

The new generation singer Uliana Royce presented the single “Pokohala”. The track continues the Asian style, which is the singer’s signature style. Loudly presenting her musical and visual world in the video Sayounara , which has already collected more than 4 million views on YouTube since its premiere, the singer continues to amaze her with her new work with her team.

Uliana Royce presented the single

The musician Artem Pivovarov became the author of the single “Pokohala”, and Denis Manokha and Maxim Shelkovnikov worked on the mud-video.

“Pokokhala” is a symbiosis of Ukrainian and Asian languages, complemented by the musical heritage of American R’n’B melodies, which creates a unique eclecticism of the track.

Moody video emphasized this aesthetic, giving it an original visual dimension. The directors emphasized the Japanese-Korean style with combat shots with a katana in their hands, an image with pink hair and outfits with a kimono silhouette.

Love and being in love is different for everyone. But she is always sincere and strong, regardless of whether it is mutual or not,

Uliana Royce says.

Regarding the image, the singer again became a trendsetter and ahead of all fashion trends, she dyed her eyebrows white.

By the way, the track “Pokohala” will be included in the singer’s debut EP album, which will be released at the end of 2020.

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