How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

Having free time can be a great way to finally get yourself in good shape. Do not be tempted to just waste your time doing nothing – then you will be ashamed of the wasted time. Here is a simple and highly effective everyday schedule that will make you enjoy looking in the mirror.


1st day Personal training

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

Going to the gym is a medal in itself. We recommend spending the first day with a personal trainer. This will help beginners get comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Those who have already studied before will receive the necessary incentive and will much more easily enter the normal regime. Another small tip: don’t pay attention to specific muscle groups. Make this activity a “warm-up” for the whole body: do one exercise for each group


2nd day Circuit training

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

Circuit training maximizes the endurance and explosive strength of the limbs – what is needed for any fighting sport. As a bonus, such a load perfectly forms a relief, drying fat all over the body. Include three exercises in the circle: push-ups, jump squats, and pull-ups. For a circle – 15-20 times of each exercise, without a break between them. Do three approaches, with a rest of 40 seconds between them and you can crawl home: there is hardly any more strength left for anything.


3rd day We work the building

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

In core training, it makes little sense to focus on individual exercises. It will be much more effective to apply the high-intensity training method, combining three effective exercises in one approach. Perform them sequentially, without interruption, with a 20-second rest only between sets. Start with static: standard plank on outstretched arms, time – 1 minute. Then move on to an incline curl and complete the set with hanging leg raises. All these exercises are very simple, the main thing here is focused work.


4th day Feet day

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

No one, for some reason, likes the notorious “foot day” in the hall. There are dozens of reasons for missing it, but you shouldn’t. Without work on your feet, you simply will not be able to gain impressive mass, and you will have to forget about the harmonious development of the body. Start at the base: Barbell squats engage almost all of your leg muscles. It must be performed very carefully, trying to avoid unnecessary stress on the spine. Place your feet shoulder-width apart with the bar resting on your arms and upper chest. Look straight ahead; turning your head will destabilize your body. The push should come from the heel, so try to feel their most stable position. Due to poorly stretched Achilles tendons, it will probably be difficult to keep your heels on the floor – this is where the stands are needed. Place a plate under each heel, this will help stabilize the entire body and relieve unnecessary stress from the joints and ligaments.


5th day Shoulders

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

The standing barbell press is not in vain considered one of the most effective for the development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Together with the deadlift and the chest press, the barbell press up forms a pool of mandatory basic exercises, which are not recommended for anyone to skip. In addition to significant muscle growth, you will also boost your metabolism. So, take a barbell with a regular grip: hands shoulder-width apart, lift it up to your chin. Raise the barbell until your elbows are fully extended. At the peak – a short pause and repeat.


6th day Strengthening the back

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

Barbell Forward Bends: Another name for this exercise is good morning. Take an empty barbell and place it on your shoulders. Take a deep breath and, taking your pelvis back, gently lean forward. Returning to the starting position, simultaneously pull the pelvis forward. Immediately after completing the approach, proceed to the second exercise – today we have a mini-complex workout. Pull-ups are considered one of the most effective back exercises for good reason. And most importantly, all that is required for it is a horizontal bar or a crossbar. Hang on the bar with your arms fully extended and relaxed. Then pull yourself up as high as possible until you touch the bar with the back of your head or chin. The wider your grip on the bar, the greater the load is placed on your latissimus dorsi.


7th day Light training for all muscle groups

How to get in good physical shape in 7 days (PHOTOS)

The last day of the program should be devoted to the whole body again. Over the past week, you have quite seriously loaded certain muscle groups, now it will be right to rest a little. Do bench press, deadlift, Arnold press, standing biceps with dumbbells, French press – all three sets, breaks between exercises – about two minutes.

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