Before Mank on Netflix, David Fincher criticizes Joker and the pride of Orson Welles


In full promo for the highly anticipated Mank on Netflix, David Fincher criticized the Joker of Todd Phillips and qualified the genius of Orson Welles.

As the release of Mank , the highly anticipated new film by David Fincher, six years after Gone Girl , quickly approaches on Netflix, the feature film continues to be talked about in all possible forms . Between Aaron Sorkin’s praise, comments about the techniques used to make his feature film an authentic “1940s film”, the hypnotic trailer and the rave reviews already screaming for the Oscar, the film is all over.

Mank’s promotion is a real success, since it really makes you want to discover what promises to be the ultimate cinema lesson on old Hollywood. Add to that a little anecdote from the actors revealing that Fincher almost blew his lead actor Gary Oldman off the hook with his legendary perfectionism, and everyone is getting even more impatient ahead of the movie’s release.

When Gary Oldman warns Fincher that he’s going to blow a rope at the end of the 100th take …

But beyond his legendary mania, the filmmaker is also known to all for his outspokenness, as we have seen recently, with his vision on the current Hollywood industry and his blockbusters “Happy Meal”. And David Fincher continued his tirade on the Hollywood box office recipe, this time tackling Todd Phillips’ Joker , a monumental and unexpected success of 2019.

Indeed, in an interview with The Telegraph, for the promotion of Mank , David Fincher spoke about the difficulty of producing his homage to the golden age of Hollywood… in Hollywood. According to him, the studios no longer want to take the risk of doing something that cannot make the billion dollars at the box office. The latest risk taken by the industry would be the Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, who owed a lot to The Dark Knight , he said:

“No one would have thought they would have a chance to have such giant success with Joker, if The Dark Knight hadn’t been as massive as it has been. I don’t think anyone would have thought, seeing this product, “Yeah, let’s take Travis Bickle [of Taxi Driver] and Rupert Pupkin [of La Valse des Pantins], mix them up, and trap them in a betrayal of diseases. mentalities, and trade them for a billion dollars. ” “

When Joaquin Phoenix listens to David Fincher’s Joker reviews …

A rather radical way, indeed, to see the film of Todd Phillips, which does not hide its references to the two films of Scorsese, with Robert De Niro in the title role for each one. But if David Fincher attacks a Hollywood film like Joker , that does not mean that the model of his film, Orson Welles in person, is immune to his criticism, quite the contrary.

When the filmmaker mentioned, in another interview, this time with our colleagues at Premiere, the director of Citizen Kane , whose shadow hangs over his feature film dedicated to Herman J. Mankiewicz, he described Orson Welles as “a showman and juggler with immense talent ” :

“I think Orson Welles’ tragedy lies in the mix between monumental talent and grimy maturity. Of course there is genius in Citizen Kane, who could argue otherwise? But when Welles says: “It only takes an afternoon to learn all there is to know about photography” pfff … It will be said that this is the remark of someone who is lucky enough to ‘have Gregg Toland [director of photography on Citizen Kane, editor’s note] a yard away from him preparing the next shot… Gregg Toland, damn it, an insane genius!

I say this without disrespecting Welles, I know what I owe him, just as I know what I owe to Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Hal Ashby. But at 25, you don’t know what you don’t know. Point. Neither Welles nor anyone.

A photograph that promises to be sublime …

It doesn’t take anything away from him, and especially not his place in the pantheon of those who have influenced entire generations of filmmakers. But to claim that Orson Welles came out of Jupiter’s thigh as is to make Citizen Kane, and that the rest of his film was spoiled by the interventions of malicious people, is not serious, and it is under – estimated the disastrous impact of his own bout of delusional hubris. “

Like what, for Fincher, even his most revered masters are not immune to his criticism. What definitely announces Mank as a destruction of old Hollywood and its fathers, in particular by the sublime photograph of its director of photography, Erik Messerschmidt, who seems clearly under the influence of the genius of Gregg Toland, in the words of the filmmaker. Mank is therefore shaping up to be a beautiful mirror effect at Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane .

As a reminder, David Fincher’s Mank , with Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, or Charles Dance, is expected for a release on December 4, 2020 on Netflix . A new milestone in the collaboration between the platform and the filmmaker which does not seem about to stop.

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