US elections – Trump wrote about Biden’s victory and rigging

US elections - Trump wrote about Biden's victory and rigging

Donald Trump is not going to just leave the US presidency.

So on his Twitter, messages appeared again in which he accused the Democratic candidate Joe Biden of “falsification.”

“He (Biden – ed.) Won because the elections were rigged. The work of election observers is prohibited, the voting is carried out by the private company of the radical “left” Dominion, which has a bad reputation and equipment that could not even establish the results in Texas (which I won a lot!) “, – wrote Trump.

“All the mechanical failures that happened on Election Night are that they were caught trying to steal votes. However, they succeeded a lot, but they were not caught. Election by mail is a stupid joke, ”added Trump.

“Rigged elections! We will win, ”Trump writes.

“He (Biden – ed.) Won only in the eyes of the fake media. I do not concede anything! We have a long way to go. It was a rigged election, ”Trump said.

Note that all of Trump’s messages were noted by Twitter as such that they contain “contested” information about the elections.

As previously reported, the US presidential election took place on November 3.

On November 7, Biden declared himself the winner of the election.

However, Trump did not admit defeat and said that he would challenge their results in court.

Meanwhile, amid political tensions in cities across the country, clashes erupted between Trump and Biden supporters.


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