The Suicide Squad: the cast welcomes an absolutely legendary new mountain of muscle


Put on your boxing gloves, tie your bandana: The Suicide Squad has just declared war and welcomes a legend of action cinema.

As if there were not enough people in the cast of The Suicide Squad with already twenty actors and actresses in the main cast, as if there was not enough class with Idris Elba, like s’ there wasn’t enough craziness with Margot Robbie, and most importantly, as if there wasn’t enough muscle with John Cena, James Gunn revealed that he brought in an exceptional torgnoleur, a legend with over 40 years of whipping under his belt, and even shall we say, the most famous lower lip in all of Hollywood.

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Sylvester Stallone joins The Suicide Squad . No you’re not dreaming, and yes it’s totally official, James Gunn having produced the above Instagram post with a caption that could not be clearer:

“Always a pleasure to work with my friend Sylvester Stallone, and our day today on The Suicide Squad was no exception. Despite being an iconic star, most people didn’t idea how great an actor he is. “

The role that has been assigned to him has not yet been revealed, but this will further inflate expectations around a particularly anticipated film. The Suicide Squad is still in production and is set to release on August 4, 2021 if all goes well.

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