Skin and hair care in the fall in cold weather – advice of Alexandra Kucherenko

Skin and hair care in the fall in cold weather - advice of Alexandra Kucherenko

In such weather and dangerous times, it is extremely important to monitor your health. And also – do not forget about leaving. The owner of the title Miss Ukraine-2016 and the wife of TV presenter Dmitry Komarov Alexandra Kucherenko decided to share with her fans the rules of self-care in the cold season.

“The skin already suffers from winds, temperature changes and dry indoor air,” – said the celebrity on her Instagram.

In order not to dry out the skin, Kucherenko refuses all cosmetics that matte and dry.

“Before going out, I always put on a protective cream on my face. It is called the “Barrier”. I put it as a “protective wall” and under my makeup so that the makeup does not get deep, “ she writes.

Also, the TV presenter has one permanent rule – to immediately wash off the makeup as soon as the shooting is over.

“I remove waterproof cosmetics with natural oil (any, for example, grape seeds), wash my face with cream-foam and tones it up with lotion,” Anastasia shared.

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It is important not to forget about hydration.

“My hands suffer the most from the cold, which are always cold in summer. Cream or milk for hands and body helps, and for the face – a mask and serum, ” she said.

In addition, the star has her own life hack against chapped lips – she smears them with honey at night.

“And also for beauty and youth… I apply… fat of dried frogs that my husband brought from China. But this is a completely different story, ” Kucherenko summed up, putting on a laughing smiley.


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