Elon Musk’s rocket tests turned out to be a failure

Elon Musk's rocket tests turned out to be a failure

Photo: Gene Blevins / ZUMA

The next firing tests of the SpaceX Starship rocket prototype failed

According to Musk’s plan, in the future Starship will be able to deliver cargo to the Moon and Mars, and then return to Earth.

The third static firing tests of the SpaceXStarship SN8 prototype ended in failure. It is reported by the specialized portalspace.com.

It is clarified that the Starship SN8 tests took place at the cosmodrome in the Texas village of Boca Chica.

During the test, it was necessary to ignite the engines without launching the rocket.

According to the portal, after the tests on the rocket, part of the material melted, and as a result SpaceX lost control of the rocket, experts suggested.

“At the same time, the rocket safety valve showed good results. Thanks to him, the pressure inside the vehicle increased due to a malfunction, which made it possible to avoid an explosion in the bow of the Starship, ”the portal writes.

Starship prototype tests often ended in failure. So, in November 2019, Starship Mk1 burst during tightness tests, then, in February 2020, Starship SN1 exploded to pieces during pressurization with liquid nitrogen. In the spring, Starship SN3 and SN4 also exploded immediately after launch. One prototype also exploded when pressurized with liquid nitrogen, and the second exploded due to a fuel leak. Then the head of the Musk explained the failure of the human factor.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that SpaceX is preparing a prototype of the Starship spacecraft for a test flight.

It was also reported that Musk has named a new date for the Starship’s flight into orbit. This is likely to happen in 2021.

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