Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

We all watched the Olympics. Many of us even played football, swimming and athletics. But how many of us have looked into the hidden world of sports? How much do you know about sports? Here is a list of six of the most unusual sports that are played – and taken very seriously – around the world. Most of them are unknown to most people, so the next time your colleague asks if you want to join a volleyball game, suggest one of these sports.


Underwater hockey.

Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

Hockey is considered one of the fastest sports in the world: the puck flies incredibly fast on the ice. However, underwater hockey is a new take on ice hockey. In this game, players move the puck across the pool floor using small sticks. Basically, it changes the danger from the accelerating puck to the danger of being underwater for so long.



Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

Yes, you read that right – Quidditch has become a real sport. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series fans have turned the fictional game into a real sport. Now it is taken very seriously, with the participation of hundreds of teams from all over the world. Who knows, maybe Quidditch could be the next new addition to the Olympics.


Segway polo.

Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

Segway polo is a lot like regular polo, except that players ride Segways around the field instead of horses. If you thought horse polo was for the rich, posh people, then it must be for the super rich. It is said that technology takes on the role of man; in the case of the segway, it looks like it also captures the horses.


Sauna World Championship.

Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

We will return to Finland again – this time for the Sauna World Championship. The aim of the game is pretty simple: stay in the sauna as long as possible. A person who manages to withstand heat and humidity for the longest period of time (that is, without losing consciousness) may leave with a prize, but he will also leave with less weight than when he started …



Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

It sounds too strange to be true, but boxing and chess are real sports. Competitions alternate between rounds of boxing and a game of chess – switching between one of the most physical sports in the world and one of the greatest mind games. These guys really have brains and punch.



Some of the most unusual sports (PHOTOS)

Sepaktakrau is very popular in Southeast Asia, in fact it is volleyball in the opposite direction. It looks the same for all intents and purposes, but the main difference is that players are not allowed to hit the ball with any part of their hands.

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