“Quarter 95” made fun of a parody of Ilya Kivu

Ilya Kiva, a politician from the Opposition Platform – For Life party, was parodied by Kvartal 95. The studio posted the video on its Instagram.

The video is a parody of the interview of People’s Deputy Ilya Kiva to the Bigus.Info. In it, the actor portraying Kiva calls Bigus a corrupt official. At the same time, he claims that it is not he who thinks so, but his “immediate superior Viktor Medvedchuk, oppositionist and enthusiast.” The investigation into the scandalous decision of the Constitutional Court to cancel electronic declaration is also condemned.

Why would ordinary mortals, especially these pensioners and old people, know how much officials or deputies receive? What kind of chaos is this? I want to tell you so, do not count other people’s money! Believe me, your life will not be enough to calculate the income of one deputy , ”says Kiva.

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