A huge alligator strolled across the golf course

While Florida residents hide from tropical storm Eta in their homes and cars, alligators feel at ease. One of them was spotted walking on the lawn of a country golf club, and the size of the reptile makes you wonder what other surprises 2020 is preparing for the world.

A huge alligator strolled across the golf course

Reported by the NY Post.

“I was, of course, a little shocked. This is the largest alligator I’ve ever seen, ”said club employee Tyler Stolting, who filmed the viral video.

The size of the predator and the length of its paws scared netizens outright.

“This is not an alligator. This is a living, walking dinosaur. ” “He looks like he escaped from Jurassic Park,” tweeted. “How fast can alligators run? A friend is interested. ” “2020 is not over yet – by December it will have wings and laser eyes.”

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