Top 23 Short Shag Haircuts Right Now

Wisdom, which is known to all, says: if you want to change your life, change your hairstyle. The collection of creative haircuts for short hair (see photo in the article) will help to fulfill the dream and pick a bright, unusual and fashionable hairstyle.


One of the first places in popularity in 2019 is occupied by a female creative haircut for short hair (photo below), suitable for both girls over 40 and for the youngest women of the fair sex, called garcon. It is considered universal, because it can easily be performed on the curls of various structures, regardless of their color, thickness, size, face shape, age characteristics and type of appearance.

Fashionable haircut garcon

During the haircut, the master can make a very short hair length, or else leave the curls to fall free, a little below the ear. In any of the options it is necessary to carry out the filing in the occipital and temporal areas, as well as on the bang.

This is a necessary condition and helps to emphasize the merits of appearance. The main part of the haircut – bangs. At the request of the client and the discretion of the master, it can be of different thickness, shape and length.

Haircut garcon with long bangs

Oblique bangs, is the most suitable option for girls with round, square, oval or rectangular faces. Long, asymmetrical anterior strand, beautifully set off large, expressive features. Advantages of appearance with small features, best emphasize short bangs.

If the young lady has a high forehead, a straight, elongated bang will help to harmonize the face. For a low forehead, it is worth stopping the choice on a shortened version. Two shaved temple, can be easily combined with a shortened occipital zone

Garcon Haircut Option

You can add a highlight to a garcon’s haircut and express your inner state, you can use interesting polishing or coloring. Lovers of radical solutions, suitable option with shaved temporal or occipital region. Laying the garcon is pretty simple.

To increase the volume, before drying the hair, you should use mousse, and you can select individual curls using wax. At the request of the girl, the hair can be left perfectly smooth or create a “creative mess”, which will add to the image of flimsy and playfulness.


Another creative female haircut for short hair 2019 (photo below) for 25-year-old ladies is pixie. In the classic version, elongated locks are left in the occipital region, in the temporal zone, they are cut as short as possible, and in front there is a brow, of selected length, thickness and shape.

For those who like to experiment, you can choose a variant with shaved temples. He will make an image extraordinary, courageous and exotic. If you shave the temporal region on the one hand, this area can be easily covered by combing the hair to the side.

Pixie Fashion HaircutAsymmetrical, elongated bangs, will be a great addition to the pixie. It can be left at the level of the cheekbones or lowered to the chin. This hairstyle will be an excellent option for a creative female haircut for short hair 2019 on a round face (photo below).

It is bangs that help to hide the extra volume and balance the features, and the difference in length with the main shock creates a stunning effect. In addition, this version of the pixie can be varied styling:

• create a light volume in the root zone, and pull the bangs with an iron by focusing on the tips with wax;

• tousle the bulk of the hair, and twist the bang in soft, very large waves. This will make the image fervent and original. Ultrashort pixie, only ladies with an ideal oval of the face and correct lines can afford.

Sassy Shag

When creating this hairstyle, the bangs are cut as much as possible. However, this is where the beauty lies, because you can play with your own appearance. Depending on the mood and internal sensations, the chela can be combed to the side, combed back or ruffled individual strands, allowing them to stick out in different directions.

A talented master can easily make a regular female haircut for short hair in 2019 for young ladies after 40 (see photo in the article) from a normal and cascade that is loved by everyone. Classical hairstyle is a smooth transition over the entire length of the hair, there is no clarity of cuts. For a frozen cascade, approximately the same length of curls with ragged, randomly located tips is characteristic. The torn cascade implies the presence of torn strands along the entire length of the hair.

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