After Alita Battle Angel, Robert Rodriguez returns with a Netflix version Spy Kids


After Alita Battle Angel, Robert Rodriguez returns through the Netflix door, with We Can Be Heroes, his new Spy Kids, with first images.

If Alita: Battle Angel will unfortunately not be entitled to its sequels (for the moment), because of a dismal box office failure, the filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has gone on something else, by knocking on the door of Netflix. Indeed, the director of Sin City had announced to go on a superhero film, more in the vein of his Spy Kids , entitled We Can Be Heroes , for the platform at the red N.

The film will follow the retired superhero daughter, who discovers that she also has superpowers. When the parents are kidnapped, following the invasion of an alien threat on Earth, she decides to create a group of young superheroes to go and save the parents. Do you think of Spy Kids a lot? Yes, this is quite normal, since the director has directed all four of the franchise.

Pedro Pascal, between two shoots of The Mandalorian …

And We Can Be Heroes finally gives some news, with first unseen images, published by the official Twitter account of Netflix. The first images reveal the rather colorful and kitsch aesthetic of the feature film, very similar to the video game visuals of Spy Kids. We can see a first glimpse of the looks of the casting, in which we find Priyanka Chopra, extremely popular actress in Bollywood, but also Pedro Pascal, Christian Slater, Boyd Holbrook, or even Sung Kang.

These first images, which you can discover below, are also accompanied by a release date, scheduled for January 1, 2021 on the platform at red N. We Can Be Heroes seems to move away a bit from the violence of an Alita: Battle Angel or a Sin City , Robert Rodriguez returning to a period of his filmography more oriented towards young audiences.

If that can get her frustrated after the failure of her first big blockbuster at $ 170 million, after all, why not. In the meantime, James Cameron, producer of Alita: Battle Angel , is currently busy on Avatar 2 , now slated for December 16, 2022 in the US , which recently unveiled an impressive photo of its actress Kate Winslet on the set. .

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