31 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Hair of short length can expose very unsightly features of our appearance. What to do if the soul requires, and appearance does not quite allow? To do this, we will try to understand the main nuances of the features of the structure of the face and the necessary short haircut for your face type.

First of all, you should think about the concept of “short hair.” It is believed that such is a haircut up to 15-20 cm. Long, that is, somewhere to the chin. Although asymmetrical haircuts with a shaved one side and a strand of more than 20 cm on the other are adequately “measured”, perhaps, difficult. Often bangs are much longer than the main hair and we do not take them into account.

Picture of a fun and sassy short hair for long faces

Short haircuts, having the same name, are cut in absolutely different lengths, which can cause some confusion, and in a successful performance – transform their possessor, and in case of a failed calculation – spoil the mood. In addition, do not forget that the concept of “short hair” and include extreme options with hair length from one to three centimeters.

So, we consider only the main trends. A final selection of the required length in centimeters is better to negotiate directly with the master.And immediately option: pixie with volumetric styling. Trendy pixie this season – the number one hairstyle for the fair sex of any age and status. For moon-faced ladies, an option is offered with a slightly elongated torn bang, combed upward in a grunge style, with a slight twist and additional volüme.

We start with ladies with a round face. After all, there is a perception that such a face shape is completely incompatible with short haircuts. However, the case of the master is afraid. And if Rembrandt repeatedly proved the beauty of relatively dense bodies, so why not the modern creator try to embody a short hairstyle for such a round face?

Voila, you can only say, looking at Cameron Diaz with her bean. And the whole thing in a magnificent, twisted, falling oblique bangs. Plus – light hair color. So try haircuts can and should be, provided that:

Square face haircuts The situation is not better with beauties with a square face. Bob and pixie with long oblique bangs leave. They are able to visually narrow the lower part of the face and smooth out the intricate shapes. In addition, the asymmetry will distract attention from the cheekbones. Here is Paris Hilton gave in her time a preference for a pronounced asymmetrical bob.

True, looking at such a difference in length, it is difficult to say definitely: is this hairstyle short or of medium length? But what to do, in general, ultrashort haircuts will open and underline the pronounced cheekbones, and there is no getting away from it. So, if you are not an experimenter, in this case, give preference to a longer hair length.

Triangular face haircuts

Girls with a triangular face should avoid additional volume in the temples, as the face visually expands to the top. And ideally, do not open your ears more than half. Plus – avoid short bangs, especially direct ones.

The safest option is a bob with long hair on the chin. So at one time went to Victoria Beckham. The elongated front strands perfectly balanced proportions.

But, recently, the same Victoria and the other stars behind her do not even consider the triangular face a problem. Especially if there is something else to demonstrate: incredible decorations in the ears and on the neck, the newly enlarged and corrected chest.

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