30 Best Short Ombre Hair Color Inspirations for 2019

Ombre’s trend coloring, which came into fashion several seasons ago, beats all records in popularity. From French, “ombre” is translated as “shadow”, “blackout”, and this reveals the whole essence of coloring.

The hairdresser draws color along the entire length of the hair, creating an interesting gradient from dark roots to light ends. Ombre is in demand due to its versatility and looks fascinating on hair of any length and color. In addition to the classic ombra staining, there are alternative types such as reverse ombra, color ombra, vintage ombra, cross ombra and many others.

Chic version of the “creative mess” on the hair in combination with trendy regrown roots. Graduated bob and bleached strands add extra volume to the hairstyle, so this is an ideal option for girls with thin hair.

Smooth color transition provides a natural look of sun-bleached hair, and the combination of chocolate and honey emphasizes the beauty of dark-skinned skin.

3. Burgundy and strawberry blond

This option is no less popular than the classical ombra staining. The only difference is how the colors are arranged: cold platinum blond at the roots, turning into ash-brown in the middle of the length of the hair and coal-black at the tips. This color implies the presence of long hair, it looks less natural than the classic version, but more brightly and dramatically.

An excellent example of how to add color and brightness to blond hair. If you are a blonde and want to revive the monochrome pure blond with bright colors, choose juicy and rich shades for ombre. The combination of deep burgund and strawberry blond looks very impressive and unusual, and allows you to refresh your hair without resorting to radical changes.

4. Pure gold

If you’re a stinging brunette, look at the shine variant of the golden metal at the tips. It is quite difficult to choose the right complement to the black color, but gold on dark hair looks expensive and glamorous.

An overflow of golden metallic shades in combination with a noble black color will give the hair a healthy look and additional volume.

Black to Silver Ombre Hair5. Stylish mix

The stylish combination of blue-black, mahogany, copper and platinum blonde demonstrates the perfect work of the master colorist. This technique looks advantageous on long hair, allowing you to perform more color transitions.

The secret of success – perfectly matched colors that blend with each other and look without the slightest hint of disharmony.


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