20 Blunt Bob Haircuts That Trending in 2021

There is nothing worse than walking with a unfashionable haircut and not noticing it. What are the main mistakes you can not make when choosing a hair?

The sharp bob has been the trend of the last 4–5 years, but many still continue to ask the master for this haircut from time to time. If you do not agree to say goodbye to his constant hair, there is a great way to transform it into a more fashionable option.

First of all, get rid of the short length at the back and cut off the elongated tips, make a straight bob with the same length over the entire growth of the hair. Trim tips without filing. This year it is believed that the rougher and careless the bob, the better, so you should not do the perfect styling. If the hair is straight and thin, you can add volume with the help of careless light curls. Rough bob looks especially fashionable for those who by nature have wavy hair.

Straight very thick bangs should be replaced by a long, slightly shaggy, falling on the eyes. Such a bang beautifully frames the face, looks more feminine, moreover, at any moment it can be divided into two parts, if it interferes.

Most of all, it will suit the owners of straight hair. Remember that the bangs in no case should not be oblique, this has long been in the past (and we hope that it will never return).

The cascade framing the oval face, or the so-called ladder, should be forgotten once and for all. The cascade is distinguished by an unfashionable “cap” at the crown, from which profiled “feathers” of different lengths emerge.

Choose a bob or a square with an even cut. Pixie haircuts with bangs brushed forward and deliberate carelessness also remain in vogue. The main thing is not to remember the existence of varnish and do not fix the feathers on the crown.

Despite the fact that there is a tendency for short haircuts, such as bob or bob, long hair in any case remains popular. No need to fantasize over the haircut. It is enough just to keep them well-groomed, to keep the tips healthy and even. Desirable length not lower than the waist. In addition, you should not constantly torment the hair and straighten them.

The trend for naturalness and easy negligence simplifies the task of hair styling and saves your time. Because of the same fashionable naturalness, it is absolutely not necessary to do the extended strands.

Bob for Fine Hair

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