18 Best Short Dark Hair Color Ideas

Ash blond was always in fashion. The new season will bring ladies fashion for cool shades close to gray hair. Of course, such coloring can cause considerable damage to dark hair and will require special care in the future. Blondes by nature will find it easier to get the desired shade, but etching the pigment out of the hair will definitely not benefit the hair.

The most ordinary haircut for short hair can be transformed with the help of skillful dyeing. Sometimes women are not ready to change the shape of their hair, but they easily agree to change colors. There are many techniques, techniques and methods of dyeing short hair.

In the new season it will be fashionable to dye the bangs separately from all other hair. There are several advantages to this method. No need to spoil the paint all the hair. In addition, you can easily look original and unusual. If only bangs are colored, then the color can be changed more often than if the paint had to be applied to the entire length of the hair.

It is impossible to unequivocally say that the coloring of a bang is only a youth style. For this it is not necessary to create a bright contrast. You can lighten the strands of the face only a couple of shades, thereby creating additional volume.

From last season to new migrated coloring in rainbow colors. On short hair such dyes will look very entertaining. You can choose a youth style and paint the strands in bright shades suitable for the girl according to the color type.

Those who are not ready for such experiments can be advised in more discreet shades: pale blue, dusty pink, mother of pearl. Even aged ladies can afford such a rainbow composition.

Ombre on short hair looks no less impressive than on long. The smooth transition from a darker to a light shade fascinates and creates the volume that is so desired by most women.

For a short haircut, you can choose both natural shades and extreme flashy colors. The main thing is to maintain the style and think in advance how the new image will be combined with the clothes in the wardrobe.

It is because of the risk of damage that such coloring is more suitable for short hair. If the hair is badly damaged, then they can be renewed in a short time. Those who dared to do this will be satisfied, because as a result they will have a stylish sparkling hairstyle, which will definitely distinguish such a “Snow Queen” from the crowd.

A few seasons ago, many fashionable women sought to paint their curls in shades of rotten cherry, eggplant, ocher and mahogany. In 2018, the fashion returns to red, but now shades are much bolder. In the course will be all kinds of colors from light pink to rich burgundy. Even the most modest amateur metamorphosis will be able to choose a fashionable shade to taste.

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