TUREWELL Water Flosser, Oral Irrigator 600ML, Dental Water Pick Teeth Cleaner 10 Adjustable Pressure, Electric Water Flossers for Teeth/Braces, 8 Water Jet Tips for Family

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Product Description

TUREWELL oral irrigatorTUREWELL oral irrigator

water flosser for whole familywater flosser for whole family

water flossing 8  replaceable tipswater flossing 8  replaceable tips

360 rotatable water flosser

360 rotatable water flosser

600ml Large Water Tank

600ml Large Water Tank

Anti-leakage Design

Anti-leakage Design

10 adjustable pressure setting

10 adjustable pressure setting

360 rotatable water flosser

Water On/Off switch on the handle, convenient to turn ON/OFF the water flosser.
360 degrees rotating design aim to reach all areas for deep cleaning. Allow to clean your mouth in all directions.
Note: 360-degree rotation requires you to rotate by hand, and it does not automatically rotate when you use it.

600ml Large Water Tank

600ml Large water capacity provides up to 90 seconds of continuous dental flossing.
3 Minutes Smart Timer: It will stop automatically after you turn on it 3 minutes to avoid overusing and overheating.

Anti-leakage Design

The water container can be easily be removed or installed, and convenient to put in water. This anti-leakage design will ensure no liquid leaks.
This TUREWELL water flosser comes with 1.2m electric cord and 1.3m water hose, very convenient for you to plug in or use.

10 adjustable pressure

Pressure ranges of 30-125 PSI. For first-time user, you had better choose the lowest setting.
Pressure 1-4►For kids and those with sensitive teeth and the beginners.
Pressure 5-6►Medium settings are best for most people.
Pressure 7-10►High pressure settings for adults and experienced users.

water flosser for teeth cleaningwater flosser for teeth cleaning

turewell water flosserturewell water flosser

What is inside the package?

1 x TUREWELL oral irrigator

3 x Ordinary high-pressure tips

1 x Tongue Cleaner Tip

1 x Periodontal Tip

1 x Dental Plaque Tip

1 x Orthodontic Tip

1 x Toothbrush Tip

1 x User Manual

How to Use TUREWELL Water Flosser?

1. Please check the direction of the rubber in the water tank. (Smooth side up)

2. Fill the water tank with water. Then, close the lid to ensure sufficient pressure.

3. Insert the required nozzle into the handle.

4. Make sure the pressure switch is located just to the left of 0 pressure (many customers are not concerned about this.) Turn the pressure switch to the desired pressure level.

5. Place the nozzle at 90 degrees to the teeth or gums.

6. Turn on the switch on the handle. (Blue button up)

7. After use, put the handle back into the slot and clean the tip into the top box.

We would like to supply a satisfying service for you. Any questions, please feel free to contact our store service at once.


Ensure that the hose is not knotted when in use.
You had better close most of your mouth to avoid the water spray off.
The water needs a minute to come out for the first time use.
If you take the water tank out and add water, press the rubber stopper to make sure the water won’t flow out from the bottom.
Please ensure the table is dry, then the water flosser can absorb on the desktop better.
Change new nozzles every 3 months is healthier.
The upper interface of the handle supports 360-degree manual horizontal rotation.
Please clean the water tank regularly to avoid the generation of scale.
If do not use it for a long time, please keep the water tank dry.

The pressure in different jet tips is different.

There is no pressure about the toothbrush tip, whose function is to clean the residue on the teeth. You can use it as a normal toothbrush, such as you can add toothpaste on the toothbrush. If there is pressure, your toothpaste is impossible to be used.
And the Tongue Cleaner Tip is also in no pressure since the function is to clean your tongue, if the pressure is too high, your tongue will be hurt.
Other jet tips are all with different high pressure, you can choose the comfortable pressure.

❤️8 Nozzles for the Whole Family: water tooth cleaner comes with 3 ordinary high-pressure tips, 5 other special-use water jet tips (1 Toothbrush Tip, 1 Periodontal Tip, 1 Dental Plaque Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip). You also can deeply clean up dental plaque or food debris with different tips. Replaceable dental water jets can be hygienically and conveniently stored in the separated grooves cover on top of water irrigator.
❤️10 Adjustable Water Pressure Settings: 1250-1700 times/min high-efficiency water pulse (range of 30-125 PSI to avoid sudden jetting in the process of flossing) enables your family members to find the most comfortable pressure setting. Our countertop oral irrigator water flosser comes with ON/OFF switch on the handle, you can temporarily stop the water flow at any time, no more finding the button awkwardly.
❤️600ML Large Water Tank and Anti-leak Design: 600ml water capacity for 90 seconds water flows. 3 Minutes smart timer ensures your safety and water dental flosser’s lifespan. Anti-leakage design water picks for teeth cleaning ensures no liquid leaks when you use electric flosser for high pressure water.
❤️Usage Technique& Service: when the water flow of the dental irrigator water flossed and the gum are at a 90-degree angle, slightly close your mouth to avoid the water spraying out, then let the water flow into the sink from the corner of your mouth. Any questions, please feel free to contact us via emails, technical support, refunds or replacement all can be acceptable.

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