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Top 15 Short Haircut Trends for 2020

The new year is getting closer and means new hair trends. Short hair has really made a scene lately and 2020 is the perfect time to take the plunge and try something new. These hair trends can range from a beautiful rag to a trendy elf. The great thing about short hair is the creativity you have with it.

Check out 15 of our most popular short hair trends for 2020.

Funky Disheveled Pixie Style

instagram: myguiltycrown

Those who still believe that cutting short hair means reducing cute short hairstyles just don’t know how to style short hair! With such abbreviations as pixies, women can experiment with textures, layers, color, and length gradations, even if they are short! In fact, the only thing you’ll reduce is the time you spend styling your hair.

Edgy Lavender Short Hairstyle With Aqua Tones

instagram: ashvaughanhair

There are so many great things to do with short hair that you will never look unique! We want you to take a closer look at this gradual bob: do you see this seamless flow of shades and the way the angled body enhances the aqua colors? As you may have guessed, this is how perfectly cut short hairstyles look for women.

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