21 Simple & New Different Nail Shapes for 2020

Every season we are surprised by different acrylic nail shapes: the nail design shapes, the length. It is very changeable and we make it ourselves. There are more and more new products and trends every day and we simply do not have time to follow them all. The sphere of nail art is no exception. And how high are the trendy manicure requirements in 2020 and what types of nail shapes will be the most popular? Below are the hottest trends of all seasons: summer and winter as well as spring and autumn.

1- Almond Nails

The almond shapeв nails which have been already forgotten is becoming famous again. This name came from the similarity of the nail and these nuts: oval at the bottom and sharp at the stop. The long “almonds” add some beauty and sophistication. Take under consideration the truth that it’s important to pick the color of the coating and patterns carefully, as well as the outfit or picture suiting manicure. The selected almond fashioned acrylic nails should no longer look defiant. Look at the snapshots to determine whether or not you like this option or no longer.

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