12 Awesome Eye Makeup Tips For You To Try!

Vintage is looking for eyes

Retro makeup is all the rage right now. Here are some of the most popular retro trends:

  1. Roaring Twenties: Apply thick lines on the upper and lower eyelids with a black line and use deep gray, turquoise, and green on the inner eyelid.
  2. The 1930s: Make a dark shadow along your upper eyelid and cover it with purple, green, or blue.
  3. Fabulous 50s: Make a bold, thick line on your upper eyelid and apply 2 layers of dark mascara.
  4. The 1960s: cat eyes were the latest craze. Make a wing effect with black eyeliner and use a gray, turquoise, or blue eyeshadow.
  5. The 1970s: In the 70s, everything revolved around the natural look. Therefore, apply light pastel colors and silver lines with a light layer of mascara.
  6. Totally 80’s: Pink and Blue Shadow was the trend as well as punk makeup with lots of black eyeliner!

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HTML Image as link Qries
HTML Image as link Qries

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