12 Awesome Eye Makeup Tips For You To Try!

Every girl loves makeup and eye makeup is no exception! And now that there are so many colors and styles to choose from, makeup is taking it to a whole new level. However, you should opt for makeup based on the shape and color of your eyes and skin tone. You also need to make sure that the look is suitable for the occasion.

Professional eye makeup tips for work

HTML Image as link Qries
HTML Image as link Qries

It is better to soften the makeup a bit for work and not opt ​​for lighter shades. However, you can improve your eyes with neutral makeup like matte eyeshadow and eyeliner. Here is a simple guide to make-up that works:

  1. Use a basic eye shadow that comes close to your natural skin tone.
  2. Create a slight “V” on the outer corner of the eye and along your crease with a medium neutral shade.
  3. Apply a highlight color to the inner corner and under the frontal leg.
  4. Mix with a mixing brush.
  5. Use a neutral eyeliner on the top lid, but not beyond the eye.
  6. Curl your eyelashes and apply light mascara.

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