12 Best Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As a lover of all things that have to do with beauty and self-confidence, my real passion lies in my hair: cuts, colors, trends, and always my best! Age is really just a number and now more than ever women of all numbers over 50 rock their best looks with flattering medium length hairstyles of all kinds: all different hair textures, styles with and without bangs, popping bobs and more.

Today’s stylists offer a wealth of options and encourage older women to be trendy, classic, and everything in between! There is nothing more youthful than self-confidence and these medium length hairstyles for 50-year-old women will surely make this possible.

1: Tousled Blonde Highlights

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This tousled, blonde highlighted look is a classy yet youthful cut. If you love the beach atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with this inspiration. The best thing about this look is that it works like a dream with any hair texture.

2: Bright Blond Highlights Against Darker Lowlights


This showpiece for each immediately and curly hair is a cool examine any age. With shiny blond highlights against darker lowlights, you are certain to have to amuse with this youthful hairstyle for medium period hair.

3: Balayage Bob

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Hairstylist puts thick hair front and middle with this elegant balayage bob. There’s a timelessness about darkish golden tones and thick, tender curls in this medium duration coiffure for a 50-year-vintage woman.

4: Trendy Bob and Beach Waves

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This style here’s a naturally gorgeous look with darkish tones and a smooth to manipulate reduction. If you want a put-collectively appearance but don’t have numerous time to style day in and day out, make sure to look for effortlessly managed layers that won’t require a ton of product to perfect each morning.

5: Grey Lowlights with a Bold Pop of Color

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This magical search for curly hair is a first-rate quick medium hairstyle for ladies over 50 who’s confident, current, and happy with their today’s grey hair. This look pairs particularly nicely with glasses. The smooth curls paired with an ambitious pop of color make this shoulder period look a stunner.

6: Blonde Highs and Warm Lows


This refined, layered bob is timeless. Medium period layered hairstyles for over 50 work well with both great and thick hair and so are a safe choice that appears flawlessly polished at any age. Especially cute is the clearly sweeping facet bang pulling this all collectively.

7: Dirty Blonde Medium Bob

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Another awesome medium bob works certainly well with oval and spherical faces. It is age-appropriate but no longer in any way old school or vintage school. Don’t be afraid to play with grimy blonde shades and test with colors, as the simplest limits you absolutely have are the ones you place on yourself.

8: Red Layered Hairstyle

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This terrific layered haircut does wonders for a finer hair texture through making it look thick and full. The trick to wonderful layers is to make certain your stylist knows your goals, whether they’re adding volume, length, or interest. Orange and red sunglasses can make your look even extra stylish!

9: Balayage with Undercut Layers

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Just grazing in at shoulder duration, this full-searching cut makes use of undercut layers to create a coiffure this is thick and smooth (and shiny!) With perfect sculpting, this appearance is an ideal medium hairstyle for girls over 50 with high-quality hair.

10: Honey Blonde Bob


This medium length bob allows for certainly cascading locks, noticeable backside layers, and a declaration bang. While this appearance is beautiful in honey blonde, it might work well with any hair shade, and the fashion-forward mindset of it creates an undeniable youthful reduction.

11: Ashy Cool Tones

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Rock that splendid gray! This medium length hairstyle gracefully skirts the collarbone and embraces your natural hair shade. Soft waves provide it a stylishly messed up appearance that is straightforward to preserve and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you are looking for actually conventional hair ideas for older ladies, that is a winner.

12: Blonde Layers on Sweeping Locks

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This first-rate smooth and tremendous classy medium-cut capitalizes on sweeping locks and only a contact of layers. This is an incredible search for the ones with first-class hair, as the reduce adds quantity without being obvious. In the sector of medium haircuts for girls over 50, this particular reduction is an undying beauty.

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