14 Hottest Short Hairstyles for Summer 2020

Short hairstyles are always a popular option for those scorching hot summer days because the short hairstyles are not only cool but also quite easy to create and maintain. That said, creating a short hairstyle is time-saving, money-saving, and breathtaking. This season, both straight and curly short hairstyles are very popular.

In this text, we’ve put together some trendy short hairstyles that are all cool and voluptuous. You can choose the most appropriate based on your face shape, hair texture, and personality. For more wow effect, try some trendy hair colors. Simply choose one and make the summer cool and different. Good luck.

Short Pixie

A shorter pixie appears quite cool, and that is why many women, including style icons, pick out such cuts. Plus, you won’t have any problem with styling it in the morning.

Just think about it, really, what can be less upkeep than a shorter pixie? These uneven cuts seem fun, bold, and cool. Just pair them with the most flattering color, and you may get the look that is the maximum impact and minimal effort. When it involves styling such pixies, it turns into clear why they’re considered pleasant brief hairstyles ever: they’re easy and putting at once.

Long Pixie

Keep your pixie on the longer side if you want to seem extra sophisticated. As a layered cut, the longer pixie will work incredible for first-rate hair, presenting the necessary quantity even without any styling product.

But in case you do wish to go for a few styling, the longer length allows for plenty of options. From smooth and straight appears to wavy and female hairstyles, the pool of choice is quite massive here.

Plus, you may always add some sassy texture with your favorite texturizing gel. Several drops will trade your look in a dramatic way!

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