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15 Nails That Will Certainly Make You Smile

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The next nail concept is so elegant! These nails are a long almond form and are painted in a tender and mild purple color. This mani is beautiful and it can be glammed up or down to in shape any occasion. You can put on these nails each day or for a special occasion such as a marriage or the prom. If those are too long, you may opt for a shorter version.


Source: @nailsbycambria
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Glam up your nails with a layout like this one. Here we’ve mild nails with a tender and diffused marble effect. Each nail is also jazzed up with gold foil. The marble artwork looks beautiful with the gold foil. Mani-Q Sheer Pink 101, Gold Foil, Mission Control Fizz, Mani-Q Top Coat, YN Micro Detailer Brush, and the Gel Sculptor brush were used to create this mani and you can see an academic at the nail artist’s web page.

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