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15 Nails That Will Certainly Make You Smile

There are many different nail shapes. Some of the most popular are the stylus and coffin. But the one that is chic, easy to wear and elegant is the almond. Almond nails are not pointed like needles, but they are also not completely round. They just have a nice balance of the two, which creates an elegant shape that is not sharp, so you won’t have your eyes open. We have 15 amazing nail designs that would be perfect for almond acrylic nails. If you didn’t like the shape of the nails before, you’ll do it after. Looked!


Source: @amur_nails

The first nail idea is so latest and chic. Here we’ve almond nails which can be painted in a matte grey color. We love this color because it’s so easy to put on and it can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Keep it simple like this or you may upload rhinestones or glitter for a more ambitious and glitzy look.


Source: @kasia_z_pazurem

Next, we’ve got a lovely nail idea to reveal to you. These almond acrylic nails are smooth nude with black and white flower artwork. These plants look so fashionable and pretty. This mani is ideal for the summertime. You can discover tutorials for flower art on-line or you could use flower stickers. Any shade plant life will look extremely good with a nude base.


Source: @amur_nails

Neon nails have grown to be a must-have look and here is how to put on one of the bright hues in style. Here we have neon yellow almond acrylic nails. These nails are so fun and vivid and the color is perfect for the summer and festivals. Try a similar appearance or you can use any neon color. You should even try some hues for one mani.

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