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12 Best Summer Makeup Ideas For 2020

The makeup always changes. New trends are coming in every season and beauty brands are always bringing out new eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, and more. Even if all this makeup will look amazing, it is sometimes nice to remove it and choose a more natural look. Natural-looking skin, lips, and eyes will never go out of fashion and you can show off your unique beauty at its best. So, that said, we’ve put together 12 of the most amazing natural makeup looks. Take a look, you will want to show your natural beauty more than ever!


HTML Image as link Qries
HTML Image as link Qries

First up we have this lovely herbal look. The eyes have a mild sweep of eyeshadow and mascara even as the lips are a soft crimson color. We love this make-up concept because it indicates off her lovely freckles that have been inside the splendor spotlight lately thanks to celebrities like Meghan Markle. Makeup like this may suit all people and it is simple to recreate. If you do now not have herbal freckles, then there are tutorials online to reveal you how to create them with makeup, we won’t tell!


Looking for natural eye makeup that you could wear each day? If so, this could be perfect for you. The eyeshadow used may be very soft and mild even as the eyelashes are simple and lovely. This appearance become created with Urban Decay Cosmetics Gwen Stefani Palette and Sweed Lashes in Beroe. For a fair subtler appearance, you may use mascara in place of fake lashes.

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