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17 Best French Manicure Nail Ideas for 2022

French ombre is a beautiful nail trend that has now become an essential look. To get the French shade design, you will use the classic French manicure colors. Instead of creating the light color with white tips, you should aim for the two-tone shade look that we all know and love. To show you how beautiful this nail design is and to inspire you, we have found 17 of the most beautiful French nails to shade that you should try. You’ll find designs with sparkly glitter, statement studs, and more.


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Let’s start with this simple and elegant French ombre look. The nails are a square shape with a light ombre blend. Nails like these are perfect for the girls who just like the conventional French nail clipping but would really like to attempt something new. It is a subtle, stylish, and lovely way to wear the ombre nail fashion.

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