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15 Best Summer Ombre Nails in 2020

fashion, beauty, makeup, nail
fashion, beauty, makeup, nail

The craze for shaded nails inspires the expression of the whimsical feminine and the passion unleashed for creativity. Nowadays, the question is not only what color to put on your nails, but rather which design best suits your personality or mood. With so many color gradations and designs to choose from, the challenge is to make sure your shaded nails are fresh, fabulous, and fierce.

Abstract Ombré Nails

fashion, beauty, makeup, nail

Wait, those ombré nails are so freaking cool. With accent nails lookin’ like a damn Matisse (at least, on his worst day inside the ’80s) and the opposite three searching like a tender, melted haze, this hand deserves to be taken to the MoMA immediately.

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